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Pre Service Teachers Education Branch (PSTE)

  1. ·  To serve as nodal branch for the following:-

    1. Organising pre-service course for elementary school teachers (including admission, instruction and evaluation) and provide academic inputs into such course is the subjects represented in the branch.

    2. Propogation of a learner centred education and education for personality development (including value & cultured education) through training, extension preparation of training suitable teaching aids, action research etc.

    3. All general matters concerning teaching methodology(i.e. multigrade teaching, peer group tutoring etc) and specific matters concerning teaching methodology of the school NFE subjects represented in the branch.

    4. Provision of psychological councelling & guidance services to schools and NFE/AE centres of district.

    5. All matters relating to learning by children of services of disadvantaged groups(eg. special remedial instruction of the generation learners).

    6. Education of learners with major handicapped and other mild(physiical and mental handicapped).

    7. Education of gifted.

  2. To conduct such in service programmes(for elementary teachers) whose cencent relates exclusively or predominently to the subjects represented in the branch or its other areas of nodal responsibility.

  3. To provide inputs into programme/activities of all other branches of the institute, to the extent of subjects/areas represented in the branch. Such programmes would include:-

    1. In service programmes for elementary teachers.

    2. Training programmes for NFE and AE personals.

    3. Development of locally related curricula, teaching-learning material,low cost teaching aids, testing and evoluation tools/techniques.

    4. Field interaction activities, action research especially in ways to improve learning by children of disadvantaged groups and in education of the gifted.

  4. Maintanance of science labs,psycology equipments, resource rooms for education of disabled children. Rooms for art education and of equipment and facilities for sports & physical eduaction.

  5. Promotion of and support to co-curricular activities in areas related to substantive work of the branch eg. debate and elocution (the art of clear speech),literature, science fairs, visual and performing arts, sports and physical education competitions, yoga, hobbies etc.


Work Experience Branch (WE)

  1. To identify locally relevant WE areas and in cooperation with concerned nodal branches to develop sample curricular units, teaching learning materials,low cost teaching aids and evolution tools/techniques in the areas of spinning/weaving/dyeing/bamboo work,bee keeping & chatai making.

  2. To help educational authorities & elementary schools NFE/AE centres in planned introduction of worked experience activities in such schools/centres.

  3. This will create all backup to conduct appropriate in service programmes for teachers in the areas of WE.

  4. To provide WE related inputs in all other programmes and activities of the institute i.e. pre service & in service programmes for teachers, training programmes for NFE/AE personal, field, field interaction activities, action research.

  5. To organise activities for cleanliness,upkeep and development of the institute, campus-road,playgrounds,lawns,gardens etc and its surroundings and for basic maintanance of the institute furniture & other properties.

  6. To organise communities services and study activities and also study visits to work centres as per of part of training programmes and to promotes such activities on extra-curricular basis.

  7. To maintain work shop, farm, garden for WE activities.

  8. To promote work- related hobbies among trainees of the institute.


District Resource Unit (DRU)

  1. To assist educational authorities in planning & coordination of training programme for AE/NFE personal throughout the district & to provide necessray support to such programmes for prerakof DIET.

  2. To serve as nodal branch for organising:

    1. Programms of induction training & continuing education for instructors and supervisors prerak of NFE/AE to be organised in DIET

    2. Orientation programmes for resource persons of following kinds:-

      1. ​Those who would conduct programme mentioned at the other centers of the district i.e. outside the DIET i.e. personals from the NYK, NFE/AE projects, NGO's etc. and

      2. Resource persons for the successful implementation of AE/NFE programmes as a whole for example community leaders, retired teachers,          ex-servicemen, NSS volunteers, ICDS functionaries,other involved in mass programme of function literacy(MPFL)etc.

    3. Core areas of the obove programmes eg need philosophy, objective methodology,evaluation,ploblems etc in NFE/AE.

    4. Teaching of such individaul's subject/areas as staff may have necessary backgrounds in especially teaching of language,arithmetic & functional skills.

  3. To evaluate & monitor the quality & efficiency of training program of NFE/AE personal held in and outside the DIET & to strive fo rtheir continuos improvement.

  4. To maintain database on all NFE/AER personal that undergo training at the institute & organise follow up activities persuant to such training.

  5. To undertake the help of the concerned branches to follow the activities.

  6. To help the DBE and AE/NFE authorities in organising media support for AE/NFE programs.

  7. To maintain database on all persons who undergo training at the institute & organise follow up activities persuant to such training through corresponded visits,transmission of prionted material.


Curriculum material development & assessment branch (CMDA)

  1. To adopt existing items and develop new items of the following kinds so that they suit local circumstances and cann be used in elementary education and elementary teacher eduaction program.

  2. To help dRU in development work as for adult education and non formal eduaction.

  3. To undertake testing on sample basis to assess achievements level among learner especially with reference to minimum levels prescribed for primary and upper stage and for adult learner.

  4. To help educational authorities and elementary school/NFE/AE centers in implementing a reliable and valid system of learner evaluation.

  5. To conduct workshops/development of work i.e. in CMDE.

  6. To provide CMDE related inputs to all other programmes/activities of the institute.


Educational Technology Branch (ET)

  1. To develop in collaboration with the concerned staff of the diet and other resource persons, simple, effective and low cost teaching aids for various subjects/areas relevant to elementary education & elementary teacher eduaction charts, diagrams, models and photographs, slides,audio tapes,play scripts, songs etc.

  2. To help DRU in developing low cost teaching aids as for adult and non formal eduaction.

  3. To maintain all audio video equipment of th einstitute,computer lab, a display read for good, low cost teaching aids developed in house as well as elsewhere & a library of educational video,audio cassettes,compact disc and film projectors.


In Service Programmes Filed Interaction and Innovation
Co-ordination Branch (IFIC)

  1. To assist educational authorities in planning, coordination or in service educational programmes for elementary teachers throughout the district and to plan and coordinate such programmes held in DIET persuant to this branch-

    1. Identify training needs of elementary teachers in the district and prepare a perspective plan for meeting such needs.

    2. Help concerned authorities in preparing an annual calander of in service programs to be held in DIET panipat.

  2. To serve as nodal branch for organising:

    1. All those in service education programmes for teachers and head masters at the institute who content doesnt relate exclusively or predominently to any one branch i.e. programmes of a relatively general/omnibus in nature.

    2. Orientation programme of the resource person who would conduct the in service programme for teachers at the centres in the district

    3. In service education programmes for teachers in the instance/distance-cum-contact modes.

  3. To evaluate and monitor the quality and efficiency of the in service programmme held in and outside the diet to strive for their continuous improvement.

  4. To serve as a reference & resource center for teachers who wish to continue their education.

  5. To act as nodal branch for all action research & field interaction activities of the institute interlaid:-.

    1. Coordination of in house action research activities & dissemination of its results.

    2. Acting as a clearing houser for information on results of all studies,research & innovation etc in the areas of elementary education.

  6. ·  Publication of a periodic newsletter & an institute journal to be sent to every elementary school NFE/AE centre of district.


Planning & Management Wing (P&M)



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